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Moral Education

Moral or Character education classes aim to develop students’ sense of morality, ethics, and civic responsibility. These classes can cover topics such as honesty, integrity, respect, empathy, and compassion. They can also address issues such as bullying, discrimination, and social justice. Through discussions, role-playing, and other interactive activities, students can learn how to make good decisions, become responsible citizens, and develop strong moral values. Moral education classes can be beneficial for children as they help them to develop good judgment, decision-making skills and to develop a sense of right and wrong.

Financial Literacy

It involves understanding how money works, how to manage financial resources, good money management skills and financial responsibility and how to make informed financial decisions. Asset allocation Art of investing intelligently Generate passive income POWER OF COMPOUNDING Teaching children about the power of compounding can help them understand the importance of saving and investing at an early age, and can set them on a path to financial literacy. Understanding compound interest can help them make informed decisions about their money, such as choosing the right savings account or investing in a retirement plan. Additionally, learning about the power of compounding can help children develop a long-term perspective on money and financial planning, which can be valuable throughout their lives. Furthermore, it can also help them to understand the impact of time on the growth of their savings, encouraging them to start saving early and consistently, which can have a significant impact on their future financial stability

Stock Market

Teaching kids about the stock market in school can help them understand how the economy works and how they can potentially invest and grow their money. . Additionally, providing students with hands-on experience with stock market simulations can help them learn about the risks and rewards of investing, as well as the importance of diversification and long-term planning. We teach discipline ie ., ability to stick to a strategy/plan despite market fluctuations and emotions. It involves setting clear investment goals and developing a plan to achieve them as well as having the patience and self control to stick to that plan even when the market is volatile.

Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneurship programs for kids aim to teach the skills and knowledge/ mindset necessary to start and run their own businesses and to take over their family businesses Curriculum designed with girls in mind. Lessons emphasize real-world connections and problem-solving for a cause. These programs typically involve a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on activities, and mentorship.

Organic Farming

We provide a hands-on learning opportunity for students to engage with their food and where it comes from. Our school have integrated gardening and farming into our science, math, and social studies classes. For example, students might learn about plant biology and soil health, or use math skills to calculate the area needed for planting a specific number of seeds. Organic farming is a way of growing crops and raising animals that is good for the environment and produces healthy food. We don’t use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, which can harm the soil, water, and other living things.

Stem Curriculam

A STEM curriculum typically includes a range of subjects, including math, science, computer science, and engineering. It helps students develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world and to pursue careers in fields that are in high demand and offer good pay and job security.

Spoken English

We at PUNITHA OHM mould students to perform all kinds of language activities. Realizing the importance of the need for the communicative skills we render service for all the learners. We focus more on the enrichment of vocabulary that is used in the particular area in which they are involved. The enriched vocabulary will give the enriched skills in speaking.
Our objective includes the below:
• To help the students develop communication skills and self confidence
• To motivate the students to becomes good public speakers
• To develop leadership qualities in the students on language
• To introduce various articles in writing, speaking, reading, listening to the students
• To help the students to enhance their LSRW skills
Benefits of Listening Skills: (L)
• It has helped the students to understand others’ views
• It has helped the students to acquire the necessary skills through learning with the help of which he/ she can achieve his/ her set goals.
Benefits of Speaking skills(S)
• It has helped the students to build self-confidence.
• It has helped the students to communicate and articulate our thoughts and ideas
• It has helped the students to receive recognition
Benefits of Reading Skills:(R)
• It has helped the students to increase the vocabulary.
• It has helped the students to increases one’s creativity.
• It plays a vital role in developing critical thinking
Benefits of Writing Skills:(W)
• It has helped the students to widen one’s vocabulary.
• It has helped the students to recover their memories.
• It has helped the students to increase productivity.


Building robots: Students could design and build their own robots from scratch , learning about different types of sensors and actuators, and how to integrate them into a functioning robot.
This could involve prototyping and testing different designs, as well as troubleshooting any issues that arise.
Applied robotics: Students could work on more complex projects that involve applying robotics to solve real-world problems. This could involve programming robots to perform tasks such as object manipulation, localization and mapping, or autonomous navigation.
Our Curriculum from GRADE 2:
● Scratch Programming
● Lego Robotics
● Basic Electronics
● Arduino Programming
● Python Programming
● IOT with Arduino


  • Math Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Language Lab


Foundation Course From Grade 6

Play School

  • Ball Pool
  • Kids Play Area
  • Gaming Arena